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Vote for Love: Ep. 5

— Did We Just...?

RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman. Follow @romcompods on IG for extras, and join the conversation in our Facebook group.


Sound Design, Music, Mix and theme song is by Daniel Brunelle. Erica Huang is our Editor, Samantha Reed is our Assistant Producer, and we had marketing help from Anne Feuss and Alexa Brooks Major. This season was produced in partnership with Pod People.


Lucy is played by Regan Shea.

Lincoln is played by Spencer Sutherland.

Governor Davis is played by Ken Petrie.

Richard is played by Brad Gilliam.

Naomi is played by Danielle Fiers.

Alex is played by Sean Michael Conway.

Representative Mariana Rodriguez is played by Cristina Contreras.

Anika Patel is played by Priyanka Krishnan.

Hotel Concierge is played by Joshua LaForce.

Radio Receptionist is played by Matt Sav.

Radio Host is played by Chris Boike.

Female Entertainment Reporter is played by Kayla Allen.

Male Entertainment Reporter is played by Mike O'Brien.

Female News Reporter is played by Carrie Gibson.

Waiter is played by Becca Freeman.

Security Guard is played by Bobby Gaglini.