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Showmance: Ep 1 — Pop Quizine

RomComPods was created by Becca Freeman and Rachael King. Showmance was written, directed and executive produced by Becca Freeman and Rachael King. Showmance was also produced by Skyler Samuels and Mayank Bhatter.

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We had production help from Samantha Reed, and Alyson Castonguay is our editor. Sound Design by Daniel Brunelle and Shane Hendrickson. Mix and Theme Song by Daniel Brunelle. Our casting director is Mayank Bhatter. This season was produced in partnership with Pod People.


In this episode of Showmance:

Casey is played by Skyler Samuels. Lance Bass is played by himself. Edna is played by DeeGee Brandemour. Javier is played by Ryan Garcia. Kendra is played by Misty Monroe. Thomas is played by Bryan McGovern. Trevor is played by Mayank lBhatter. Mark is played by Thomas Cocquerel. Sarah is played by Katie Wee. Izzie is played by Emily Arlook. Madame Geneva is played by Natasha Behnam. Bestia Hostess is played by Becca Beton. And Bestia Waiter is played by David Terry.

And THANK YOU for listening!