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Honeymoon For One: Ep. 3 —

"Whatever You Do... Hang On Tight!"

Claire is loosening up a bit and starting to have some fun, including an adventurous vespa ride where she’s forced to get intimate with Matteo (and his abs). The sparks are starting to fly… until she’s met with a giant, karmic slap in the face.

RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman.

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We had production help from Samantha Reed, marketing help from Anne Fuess, and Erica Huang is our Editor. Sound Design, Music, Mix and theme song is by Daniel Brunelle. This season was produced in partnership with Pod People.


  • Claire is played by Amy Stricker 
  • Matteo is played by Shajehan Khan 
  • Maya is played by Ella Turenne 
  • Kate is played by Whitton Frank 
  • Todd is played by Joshua LaForce 
  • Patty is played by Phyllis Pastore 
  • Art is played by David Shakopi 
  • Ashlynn is played by Arryn Zech 
  • Asher is played by Connor Dylan 
  • Waiter is played by Bryan Umberto Hoyos 
  • Gabi is played by Solia Silverman 
  • Signore Bianchi is played by Bryan Umberto Hoyos 
  • Italian Girl is played by Giorgia Valenti
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