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Honeymoon For One: Ep. 1 —

Karaoke & Heartbreak

Meet Claire. She’s got her entire life planned out — husband, kids, adorable townhouse — until she’s *brutally* dumped the week of her wedding. What will she do when she realizes the honeymoon is nonrefundable? Looks like she’s heading to Italy on her romantic “Honeymoon for One”!

RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman.

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We had production help from Samantha Reed, marketing help from Anne Fuess, and Erica Huang is our Editor. Sound Design, Music, Mix and theme song is by Daniel Brunelle. This season was produced in partnership with Pod People.


  • Claire is played by Amy Stricker
  • Greg is played by Nikolay Moss 
  • Maya is played by Ella Turenne 
  • Jordan is played by Zachary Taylor Smith 
  • Liz is played by Eva Kantor 
  • Trish is played by Gabby Naylor 
  • Real Estate Agent is played by Kim Carlson 
  • David is played by Anthony Guerino 
  • Darrell is played by Matt Sav 
  • Flight attendant is played by Mary-Alice Farina 
  • Bartender is played by Bobby Gagliani 
  • Melissa is played by Eva Kantor
  • Receptionist is played by Becca Freeman
  • Rachael is played by Rachael King

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