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Honeymoon For One: Ep. 6 —

"The Chad of It All"

Back in Chicago, Claire is trying to forget about Matteo and get her life together. Maya tries to help by setting her up on the dating apps… which leads her to the MOST Chad-y Chad that ever did Chad. After a few missteps, Claire starts to make some serious life upgrades — and some homemade cacio e pepe, which reminds her of someone she’s missing...

RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman.

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A very, very special thank you to Maxie Maggio, Thomas Stockwell, Alyssa King, Grace Atwood, Ashley Mahoney, Lydia Hirt, Kate Childs, Lauren Friedman, Lisa Kholostenko, Eliza Lambert, Jill Russell, Alex Kruger, Jess Yarow, and Terra Gatti. We love you!


We had production help from Samantha Reed, marketing help from Anne Fuess, and Erica Huang is our Editor. Sound Design, Music, Mix and theme song is by Daniel Brunelle. This season was produced in partnership with Pod People.


  • Claire is played by Amy Stricker 
  • Matteo is played by Shajehan Khan 
  • Maya is played by Ella Turenne 
  • Greg is played by Nikolay Moss 
  • Jordan is played by Zachary Taylor Smith 
  • Chad is played by Aaron Veach 
  • Liz is played by Eva Kantor 
  • Landlord is played by Bobby Gagliani 
  • David is played by Anthony Guerino 
  • Waitress is played by Becca Freeman 
  • Old man is played by Michael Curry

Thank you to our sponsors, Care/Of vitamins and The Night Pillow!

Season 2 is coming this October with a whole new story and cast of characters, so we'll see you all soon... <3